Vauxhall offers 30,000 miles of free charging with EV models

Vauxhall extends 3-year/30,000 mile charging deal as part of wider EV push

Vauxhall is offering 30,000 miles worth of free home charging for new car and van buyers who go fully electric, through an exclusive tariff with British Gas. 

The offer is already available to Vauxhall Corsa-e buyers, but the marque is now extending the deal to its Mokka-e SUV, Combo-e Life MPV and Vivaro-e Life van. The scheme operates in collaboration with British Gas, with Vauxhall crediting each customer’s account to cover charging costs.

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The deal covers the equivalent of 30,000 miles of home charging over a three-year period, and offers lower-cost electricity with an off-peak rate between 12:00am and 5:00am, making it cheaper for Vauxhall owners to charge overnight.

As part of the scheme, Vauxhall also provides a free Wallbox Pulsar Plus home charging unit to customers with off-street parking, installed by British Gas. 

The extended offer is part of the brand’s wider push to promote its pure-electric lineup. Every electric Vauxhall includes a free six-month subscription to the bp pulse public charging network, an 8-year battery warranty and 8-year’s roadside assistance. 

Paul Willcox, Managing Director of Vauxhall, said: “Our partnership with British Gas has motivated many to make the switch to an electric vehicle, and has helped ensure the all- electric Corsa-e is one of the UK’s most popular new electric cars.

“We’re very happy to announce that our offer of 30,000 free miles of electricity has now been extended to a number of other Vauxhall models, including the new Mokka-e as well as the Combo-e Life and Vivaro-e Life, making the switch to an electric vehicle even more appealing.”

The new charging deal applies to SRi Nav Premium versions of the Corsa-e and Mokka-e, along with Combo-e Life SE XL and Vivaro-e Life Elite models, ordered before 5th October 2021. This includes vehicles purchased via PCP, Conditional Sale and Contract Hire.

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