Valentino Balboni Drives Drako GTE On The Track

Famed former Lamborghini factory test driver says it’s a lot of fun on a circuit

The Drako GTE all-electric quad-motor four-door hypercar will be a very rare sight on the road, since only 25 examples will ever be built. We doubt they will be taken to the track, though, and will most likely just be used to burn Teslas at the traffic lights.

But if future owners do decide to take their 1,200 horsepower, $1.25-million sedans to the track, then they will apparently have a lot of fun in it (and find it very capable). Drako asked former Lamborghini factory test driver, Valentino Balboni, to talk about the GTE’s on-track prowess, and he says there is a lot of enjoyment to be had driving it quickly around a circuit.

In the official press blurb, Balboni said

“My professional life has been all about finding innovative solutions to improve performance and the driver’s feeling from behind the wheel. Now after driving Drako GTE, I have entered a completely new world of incredible power and amazing control. However, it is the turn in feel which elevates GTE above any GT car I have driven. I truly love the way this car feels as it turns in and transitions through the corners – it is something I have not experienced before in a car with these dimensions. I didn’t want to stop, it’s a really compelling and addictive drive.“

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This all sounds great and Balboni is certainly a well known and credible figure, but we’re waiting for some more independent reviews of the Drako GTE to confirm it’s that good. In its first review, courtesy of Jay Leno’s Garage, the GTE didn’t really convince Jay that it was worth the asking price, even though he did concede it was fast and well executed, so we’re currently not sure what to make of it.

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