‘Utterly shameful’: Protests continue as ‘climate crazies’ could force record fuel prices

Just Stop Oil activists vandalise a Cobham petrol station

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There are fears that petrol and diesel prices could hit new records within weeks, with predictions showing that fuel costs could spike in time for the Platinum Jubilee bank holiday. Analysis by the AA found wholesale prices surged by 5p a litre last week – a rise which takes two to three to be passed on at the pumps.

This could result in a situation seen in March when prices were hitting new records daily.

Luke Bosdet, fuel spokesperson for the AA said: “Drivers need to brace themselves for a jump in the cost of petrol.

“Supermarkets, because of their contracts, will take longer to pass on the increases and that is where drivers should be heading to keep their costs down.

“Motorists can soften the impact of the pump price rises by moderating their speeds and smoothing their driving by leaving more space between them and the car in front.

“Accelerating more gently can also save pounds.”

Mr Bosdet also said the continued war in Ukraine continues to have an impact on global oil prices.

Issues at oil refineries and petrol stations have also contributed to fuel shortages and price increases with environmental action groups taking centre stage.

Just Stop Oil have continued to protest around the UK, calling on the Government to stop and end all new oil and gas projects.

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This morning, around 40 protestors blocked access to a key Glasgow oil terminal, climbing on top of tankers and locking themselves to the entrance of the site.

This is the first action of its kind in Scotland since the Just Stop Oil coalition began blocking the UK’s oil supply on April 1.

So far, it has resulted in over 1,200 arrests and numerous court appearances for the supporters of the group.

Neil Rothnie, 69, a retired offshore oil and gas worker from Glasgow, said: “North Sea oil and gas does not offer energy security. 

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“The North Sea oil and gas industry has one priority and it is not the climate crisis.  It’s not the future of North Sea oil and gas workers.

“And it’s certainly not whether the poor can stay warm. If the government was serious about a just transition we would be seeing it here in Scotland.”

Last week, a number of their supporters blocked access to a number of service stations in Surrey and Kent, with some protestors smashing up petrol pumps and glueing themselves to pumps and the road.

One Twitter user, using the handle ruthharmer1, said: “I’m puzzled why they were filmed vandalising the pumps & no one said anything.

“Climate crazies would run a mile if someone said boo!

“I couldn’t stand by and say nothing. The police are utterly shameful.”

Another commenter, Dean Bryce, slammed the actions of the protest group, saying: “Who the hell are you to demand?

“You are nothing more than anarchists causing trouble.”

According to the RAC Foundation, all fuel prices are expected to continue to fall.

Unleaded petrol stands at 162.4p per litre, down from its peak in March, while diesel prices stagnate at 176.47p per litre, more than a penny more expensive per litre compared to super unleaded.

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