‘Utter madness’: Drivers attack new Highway Code changes and call on cyclists to pay tax

GB News: Panel debate Highway Code changes

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The driving laws will be changing on January 29, 2022, and will create a “hierarchy of road users” in a bid to boost road safety. With these Highway Code changes, pedestrians and cyclists are set to be prioritised at crossings and junctions.

This will generally mean that drivers will need to give extra room and priority to pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists while driving.

The changes are being made to reinforce the safety aspect of driving, but also to protect those who are most vulnerable on the roads.

Despite this, many motorists are furious with the law changes, with many saying that drivers are being targeted.

One Express.co.uk reader, using the nickname Ghostdad, said: “All about rights and nothing about responsibility.

“Too many cyclists behave wantonly on paths, roads and in parks, and they suffer no come back unless they get hit by a bigger vehicle.

“And then it is always the fault of the driver regardless.”

Some readers, including Dave3456, were also critical of cyclists and called on them to contribute to the funding of infrastructure through tax.

They said: “Now cyclists have new Highway Code priorities, when are they going to be made to have insurance and pay road taxes the same as cars, motorcycles and invalid scooters.

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“It is only fair that they have to comply with the same laws as all other vehicles using the road system.”

This comes after experts warned that the changes could lead to an increase in the number of accidents seen on UK roads.

One legal expert from Bolt Burdon Kemp said “everyone will become more vulnerable to accidents” even though the idea is to reduce accidents.

Another commenter, Dave3Rav3 claimed: “So again, we give the highest priority to the least contributor.

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