Used Tesla Model Y Listed For Sale Online: Price Is A Bit Shocking

This caught us by surprise, but it doesn’t really seem that strange to us.

How about a Midnight Silver Metallic Tesla Model Y Performance with just 758 miles. You can probably have it right away depending on where you live. The car is currently in Lincoln, Nebraska.

This Tesla Model Y popped up on You can check out the details by clicking here. The Tesla was just listed for sale on April 6, 2020. It has an asking price of $68,000, which is more than you’d pay for the electric crossover if you bought it new. So, what’s the story?

Interestingly, the original purchase agreement says the car was accepted by the customer on February 26. As far as we understand, the first Tesla Model Y wasn’t delivered until March 13. Perhaps this is a Tesla employee’s car?

At any rate, the original owner paid $61,990 for the car. The Model Y Performance starts at $60,990, but there was a $1,000 upcharge for the paint. The total price with taxes and fees came to $63,290. If the seller gets $68,000, they’ll have some extra money in their pocket. This is especially true if they took advantage of a state credit or tax rebate.

Aside from trying to make money and take advantage of the fact that people want to get their hands on a Model Y right away and aren’t able to due to Tesla’s production freeze, there are other reasons this seller could be moving forward. Many people are facing very hard financial times right now. If you thought you could afford a Model Y on February 26, the story could be very different right now. If the owner is a Tesla employee who was recently laid off, this makes even more sense.

We reached out to the seller to see if we could get more details. If more information becomes available, we’ll update this article.

Hat tip to Daniel for the interesting discovery.

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