US: Toyota Plug-In Cars Sales Collapsed In Q2 2022: Down 58%

Toyota Motor North America (Toyota and Lexus brands) reports sales of 531,105 vehicles in the US during the second quarter of 2022, which is 23% less than a year ago. The year-to-date result is almost 20% below H1 2021 at 1,045,697.

The Japanese manufacturer was noticeably affected by the “ongoing inventory challenges” in Q2:

  • Toyota: 464,382 (down 23%)
  • Lexus: 66,723 (down 20%)
  • Total: 531,105 (down 23%)

Out of that, electrified vehicles (HEV, PHEV, BEV, FCEV) stand for a quarter of the total volume:

  • Toyota xEV: 121,749 (down 17.6%)
  • Lexus xEV: 11,726 (down 14.3%)
  • Total xEV: 133,475 (down 17.3%) and 25.1% of the total volume

Plug-in electric vehicle sales decreased more than Toyota’s total volume or electrified volume, which is a very unfortunate outcome, especially since there are new models in the lineup.

  • Toyota plug-ins: 7,919 (down 58%) at 1.7% share
  • Lexus plug-ins: 1,111 (new) at 1.7% share
  • Total plug-ins: 9,030 (down 52%) and 1.7% of the total volume
    *FCEVs: 728 (down 13%)

Toyota plug-in electric car sales in the US – Q2 2022

Cumulatively, Toyota delivered more than 205,000 plug-in electric vehicles (excluding Lexus plug-ins and hydrogen fuel cell Toyota Mirai).

It means that the Japanese group already triggered the start of the phase-out of the federal tax credit incentive. Later this year, we will see a lowered amount of available federal tax credit for Toyota vehicles (currently still up to $7,500) – more on that in a separate post.


When it comes to particular models, there are three plug-in hybrids (two Toyota and one Lexus), one all-electric (Toyota bZ4X), as well as one hydrogen fuel cell model (Toyota Mirai).

The Toyota RAV4 Prime remains the highest volume plug-in model in Toyota’s offer, while the Toyota bZ4X noted its first few hundred units. Unfortunately, both Prime plug-in hybrids are down year-over-year, which dragged down the entire plug-in category:

  • Toyota bZ4X: 232 (new)
  • Toyota Prius Prime: 2,767 (down 77%)
  • Toyota RAV4 Prime: 4,920 (down 28%)
  • Lexus NX 450h+: 1,111 (new)

The hydrogen Toyota Mirai noted 728 units (up 13%). Cumulatively more than 10,600 units were delivered.

Toyota electrified car sales in the US in Q2 2022:

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