Urgent MOT warning issued to drivers ahead of autumn

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Drivers across the UK have been issued with an urgent MOT warning. The AA has urged motorists to book the necessary test as soon as possible to avoid any stress and the risk of receiving unnecessary fines or being unable to drive. 

The AA added that drivers with MOTs due between September to December are advised to book early and to stay on top of their vehicle checks throughout the year.

Penny Stoolman, managing director of AA Approved Garages, said: “With more than 10 million MOT tests due to take place across ‘Frantic Fall’, the scramble for slots could be chaotic.

“Drivers who have an MOT due should book early to avoid stress.

“With household budgets stretched, drivers may be tempted to leave repairs on their car until the last possible moment or wait for the MOT to spot faults.

“But with colder, wetter weather due in the coming months leaving blown bulbs, torn tyres and cracked windscreens unrepaired could cause more damage to both the car and the wallet.

“Interestingly, drivers think more vehicles initially fail the MOT than reality.

“Our network of local AA Approved Garages gives customers peace of mind and honesty when it comes to vehicle repairs, so you know what really needs fixing.”

According to an analysis carried out by the AA, 29 percent of cars, vans and minibuses initially failed their MOT last year.

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The experts added that the most common reason for failures were defects that could have been easily and cheaply spotted and repaired.

MOT data from 2021/22 found that lamps, reflectors and electrical equipment were the top categories for MOT defects, having been flagged on almost 3.75 million failed tests.

Suspension, brakes, tyres and visibility defects also fall in the top five MOT failures, with repairs needing to be made on millions of vehicles.

However, in a poll of more than 13,000 drivers, more than two-fifths believed the main reason for MOT failure was due to tyres-related damage.

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Motorists were also asked what they believed the initial MOT failure rate was, with the average answer being 39 percent.

However, analysis of failure data from 2021 and 2022 revealed that three in 10 cars, vans and minibuses initially failed their MOT.

In April, it was suggested that MOT test periods would be altered to once every two years in a cost-cutting measure to help Britons.

Grant Shapps had reportedly wanted to look into the possibility of extending renewal times.

While there was never official confirmation that it was being proposed, many road safety experts were critical of the plans.

Jack Cousens, head of roads policy at the AA, said drivers would ultimately lose out, especially if they need repairs.

Every vehicle that is three-years-old or over must have a current MOT certificate, which drivers must renew once a year.

Ms Stoolman added that drivers may see more damage to their car during the winter months.

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