UK’s First Residential Avenue Fully Converted To Lamppost Charging

All lamppost along Sutherland Avenue in London are now also charging points.

Siemens happily announced that together with ubitricity and Westminster City Council, it has successfully converted all 24 lampposts into EV charging points using existing city infrastructure along Sutherland Avenue (over half a mile in length) in London.

It’s the UK’s first residential avenue, coined ‘Electric Avenue, W9’, with all lamppost turned into charging points.

A further two adjoining roads are due to be completed in the coming weeks, while the Westminster City Council’s overall goal is to increase the number of charging points from 296 currently to about 1,000 in 2020.

“Westminster City Council currently has more EV points than any UK local authority, with a total of 296 lamp column charge points in the city, 24 of which are located on ‘Electric Avenue, W9’. There are plans to reach a thousand charge points across Westminster City Council within the next year, as it has twice the number of locally registered EVs than any other inner London borough, and the most among all the other London boroughs.”

The lamppost charging is seen as a solution for residential charging, although we must note a significant drawback of a necessity to connect your own charging cable every time.

On the other hand, the installation of a charging point on a lamp column is economical.

“Lamppost charging gives people without driveways a very convenient, low cost, renewable, energy-friendly way to charge their EVs. Cars spend 95 per cent of their lives idle, so it makes sense to charge them while the driver is doing something else, like sleeping or working. Our technology is designed to keep installation and maintenance costs low, which translates to long-term low costs for EV drivers and councils,”

Currently over 1,300 such points were installed by Siemens and ubitricity in London.

“Motorists currently believe there are only 100 to 200 EV charging points in London, which is less than 10 percent of Siemens installations currently available. Meanwhile, almost a third believed there were no EV charging points near their home or workplace. The transformation of Sutherland Avenue utilizes existing infrastructure for EV charge points, creating a simple, fast network that looks to provide charge to the expected eight thousand EVs forecast to be registered in Westminster City Council by 2025.”

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