UK Tesla Model 3 Review Calls It ‘A Slice Of Genius’

It also says the Model 3 is one of the decade’s most important cars

The Tesla Model 3 sedan has won over the EV buying American public, but in Europe it’s still not an especially common sight on the road (yet). But Europeans are starting to see its appeal and since it blends so many qualities (long range, driver enjoyment, space and tech), they are starting to realize just how important and game-changing a model it really is.

This video review of a Model 3 Performance by Car Gurus UK puts it on a pedestal. Sure, it is criticized for not being built to the same standard as some of the established premium cars, but this is really the only thing that could be held against it. Pretty much every other word that comes out of the reviewer’s mouth is a positive one.

Frankly, pretty much all reviews of the Model 3, regardless of which continent they’re shot on, seem to thoroughly recommend it. The main reason why this is so has to do with the long, usable range that all models have, even the Model 3 Standard Range, on top of everything else it comes with.

And aside from it being a good car in isolation, the reviewer’s point that it (and Tesla as a brand) moved the EV game on considerably and inspired other manufacturers to follow a similar formula is also valid. The Model 3 currently is one of the most desirable electric vehicles at any price point, and this review just serves to strengthen its position.

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