UK could face more fuel shortages as climate activists to ‘escalate protests’

M25: Motorist clashes with climate protesters amid traffic chaos

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Just Stop Oil activists delivered a letter to 10 Downing Street last week, claiming that unless the Government “halts all future licensing and consents for the exploration, development, and production of fossil fuels in the UK”, they would be left with no option but to escalate what they describe as a “campaign of civil resistance”.

The action group previously said that it has temporarily suspended its occupations of oil terminals in the UK, giving the Government an ultimatum to announce an end to new fossil fuel developments.

Just Stop Oil’s campaign to disrupt the UK’s petrol and diesel supplies started on April 1 and continued until Easter.

Following a spate of petrol station closures and ongoing reports of supply problems at filling stations around the country, the group said last week it would give the Government a week to respond to its demands.

This deadline runs out on April 25.

While the Government and fuel distributors have previously attempted to keep a lid on the scale of problems, in a bid to prevent panic buying of the sort the UK has seen before, there is no doubt the latest protests have caused significant disruption to drivers.

At one point in April, it was reported that one in three filling stations had run dry, and any future escalation will likely seek to create even more disruption for drivers and wider society.

Ian Wootton, spokesman for the Campaign for Fair Fuel reflected the view of many drivers when he called the group “eco-terrorists wreaking havoc on society”.

Speaking on GB radio recently he called for the police and authorities to do more, as they appeared to “shrug off” the impact of the protests.

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Just Stop Oil claims that over 400 people have participated in recent actions to halt operations at critical supply depots.

There have been hundreds of arrests, with five protesters held on remand over Easter accused of breaching court injunctions.

The Essex Constabulary’s deputy chief constable told the Daily Mail before Easter that policing the protests had already cost in excess of £1million.

He wants the oil industry to provide more on site security in order that protestors can be dealt with more swiftly in future.

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