Two-Wheeler Sales March 2020: Bajaj Auto Sales Drop 38 Per Cent Amidst Coronavirus Lockdown

India’s largest exporter of motorcycles, Bajaj Auto too is reeling under pressure in the domestic market, thanks to the Coronavirus lockdown. Its domestic sales of motorcycles fell by 55 per cent in March 2020 with sales of 98,412 units as compared to 220,213 units sold in March 2019. The exports however grew 9 per cent with 112,564 units exported last month in comparison to 103,325 units exported in March last year. In all, Bajaj Auto despatched 210,976 units, which is a drop of 35 per cent against 323,538 units despatched in March 2019.

Bajaj Auto took a massive hit in its commercial vehicle sales as well. The company sold 18,129 units of CVs last month as compared to 38,972 units sold in March 2019, registering a drop of 53 per cent. Similarly, the company exported 13,470 units in March 2020 as compared to 30,841 units in March 2019, which is a drop of 56 per cent. The total drop in CV sales is 55 per cent with 31,599 units despatched last month against 69,813 units despatched in March 2019.

(Bajaj has slowly converted its entire two-wheeler line-up to meet BS6 emission norms)

In terms of yearly sales, it is a slightly less bleak situation. Bajaj sold 3,947,568 motorcycles in FY20 which is 7 per cent lesser than the 4,236,873 units sold in FY19. The company’s domestic motorcycle sales in FY20 did have an 18 per cent drop, with 2,078,348 units sold in the year as compared to 2,541,340 units sold in FY19. The total exports did see a 10 per cent increase with 1,869,220 units exported in FY20 as compared to 1,695,553 units exported in FY19.

Bajaj’s domestic CV sales for FY20 saw a drop of 8 per cent with 365,759 units sold as compared to 399,453 units sold in FY19. The CV exports too saw a 21 per cent decline with 301,885 units exported in FY20 as opposed to 383,177 units exported in FY19. The overall CV sales of Bajaj saw a drop of 15 per cent in FY20.

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