Twin-Turbo Coyote-Swapped 1990 Mustang Makes More Than 1,000 HP

For many years now, Fox-body Mustangs (1979-1993) have been skyrocketing in popularity. There was a time when you could get them cheap, but that ship has sailed over the horizon. Still, they make a great lightweight platform to get serious performance out of, so people are willing to pay a premium price. Of course, the cure for expensive starter cars is finding a sweet example in the family. Such was the case with this 1990 Ford Mustang coupe owned by Lewis Roberts. We found this sweet Fox-body ride lurking at the Holley LS Fest (calm down—Ford purists need not worry).

As Roberts told us, “My Mustang was owned by my great aunt, who purchased it new in 1990. She put 80,000 miles on the car, using it to go to church and the grocery store. When she got too old to drive, my grandfather acquired the car and messed with it here and there. After a couple years he told me to come get it and do something with it. Thanksgiving of 2020 I picked up the car while we were in Nashville visiting my family and the build started. My wife Molly and I drove the car into the shop one Sunday and completely stripped the Mustang so it could go to the chassis shop after Christmas”—be sure to check out the before shots in the gallery.

Roberts continued, “When I knew I was going to get the car I bought a 2019 Mustang GT Coyote engine and transmission with 5,000 miles on them. While the car was at the chassis shop getting the rollcage, mini-tubs, upper and lower adjustable torque boxes, and an 8.8-inch narrowed and braced rear, my wife and I tore into the 5.0-liter Coyote engine. We installed ARP head studs, boundary oil pump gears, MMR crank sprocket, and Livernois valve springs in the engine since we knew we were going to twin-turbo the car. After we received the car back from the chassis shop we installed the engine and built 10R80 transmission along with the twin-turbo kit so we could start figuring everything out. Once it was all mocked up, I built the cold side of the turbo kit and finished the downpipes to exit out of the front fenders. Once I was satisfied nothing else had to be cut or modified, we pulled everything back apart and started doing the bodywork and installing the Scott Rod underhood panels as well as smoothing the firewall. All bodywork and paint was done in my shop with the help of friends Mike Vetor and Michael Teaney.”

As we said, we found the Coyote-swapped Fox-body Mustang hiding out at the 2021 Holley LS Fest where the Roberts duo cruised it for a break-in drive. The Mustang was completed just before the event, so at that time it hadn’t been down the track and was still getting sorted out. On the chassis dyno the stock (ish) 5.0-liter twin-turbo made 1,090 hp to the tires on 15 psi, more than enough for a good time, but hooking up that power has proven to be the real challenge. At 12 psi the Mustang has run a 5.57 at 128 mph in the eighth-mile and in the quarter-mile it’s ran a traction-limited 9.24 at 159 mph! Its fastest so far has been an 8.923 at 123 mph, an impressive time given that Roberts let off at the 1,000-foot marker. Once the racing season starts back up, he’ll be continuing to sort out the Coyote-swapped ‘Stang with hopes of going 4.90s in the eighth-mile.

2019 Mustang GT 5.0 Coyote Engine Fast Facts

  • Arp 2000 head studs
  • Boundary oil pump gears
  • MMR crank sprocket
  • Livernois valve springs
  • 10R80 transmission built by Midnight Performance
  • Ford gen-3 10R80 control pack
  • Chassis work done by Performance Fab
  • Performance Fab adjustable torque boxes, lower control arms, narrowed/braced 8.8 rear-end
  • Racecraft I upper control arms
  • Turbo kit: CG Fabrication
  • Turbos: Precision 6466’s
  • Wastegates: Precision 46mm
  • BOV: Precision 50mm
  • Intercooler: Treadstone
  • Boost Control: Boost Leash Pro with Bump
  • N2MB WOT box for 2-step
  • Gauges: AEM CD7
  • Fuel system: ON3 03-04 cobra triple pump hat in a custom tank, AEM 340, Walbro 525×2 with -10 feed and -8 return, dual Magnafuel regulators
  • Port Injectors: ID1050x
  • K Member/A-arms/Caster/Camber Plates by Racecraft Inc.
  • Shocks and struts: AFCO Big Gun
  • Wheels: Weld V Series—5-inch front; 15×12-inch double-beadlock rear
  • Brakes: Strange
  • Rear gear: Ford Performance 3.15:1
  • Axles and spool: Strange
  • Custom driveshaft: Tom Woods
  • Paddle shifters: Powertrain Control Solutions

Watch: Week to Wicked 1990 Ford Mustang build, Day 2

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