Traffic warden explains what to do if you get a parking ticket

A former traffic warden has explained what to do if you find a parking ticket on your windscreen.

Michael Towey, 62, was a traffic warden for 25 years. He has now said there is one way you can get out of paying a fine.

He has however told motorists to try and avoid gaming the system, instead saying they should “take it on the head” if they receive the dreaded yellow envelope. 

Michael does however say motorists should appeal to their council if they believe they have been wrongly fined.

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One way to get out of a ticket he said is to prove it was wrongly issued or you were in an emergency. He also said to never park on double yellow lines no matter how tempting and even if it’s going to be for a minute, reports the Mirror.

Speaking to the MailOnline, Mr Towey warned: “Don’t try and outdo the system, if it’s genuine, then the board will see it.”

The former parking warden also cleared up the confusion between private traffic wardens and those who work for a local authority. He explained: “Private companies do not have the legal authority to issue fines. What they issue are charges for breaking their parking conditions.

“So, their ability to enforce payment is generally limited to civil action in the County Court.”

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When it comes to the most common mistakes motorists make, Towey says misreading the signs – especially on Sundays – is the biggest one. If there’s anything Towey wants the public to know, it’s that traffic wardens are humans too and are in a thankless role.

He added: “If emergency services couldn’t access a specific area because of a car parked illegally, someone’s life could be at risk. I only ticketed cars that I thought took the mick out of the system.

“One time a lady was struggling with her children getting into the car she was about 15 mins over the time, and I just turned a blind eye.”

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