Totem Automobili Alfa Romeo GT Electric Can Finally Roll

If it was made by Michelangelo, he would have told it: “Parla!” And it would.

When Michelangelo finished David, he would have been so thrilled with the statue that he would have told it: “Parla!” In English, he wanted David to speak. Any visit to the Galleria dell’Accademia, in Florence, will give you the impression it could. After seeing the video above, with the Totem Automobili Alfa Romeo GT Electric, you could imagine Michelangelo ordering this automotive masterpiece to speak – and it would.

Seen just in renderings until very recently, the GT Electric is finally a reality – even if a limited and expensive one. Deutsche Welle REV even had the good idea of asking Julia Dorny to check this Giulia derivative in person. We have already told you about this fantastic electric retromod, but it is worth remembering the main points, especially now that it is alive.