Time Lapse Of This One-Off Porsche Is the Raddest Way to Watch Paint Dry

You know the saying about how something is so boring, it’s like “watching paint dry?” Well, Porsche has a video you absolutely must watch—and it’s of paint drying. Not just any paint, though—it’s one of the myriad special paint colors available via its paint-to-sample program, which allows buyers to skew outside of Porsche’s typical color palette for a little extra rarity (and a hefty chunk of change). The time lapse video is of the creation of racer Leh Keen’s new 911 GT3, which he ordered in the paint-to-sample program’s available Gold Bronze Metallic hue.

Keen’s chosen color is something of a deep cut in the Porsche paint universe, an older color that has never been applied to a modern 911. According to Porsche, it wasn’t applied to many other models, either—this GT3 is only the 25th car ever to wear it from the factory. The light brown color of course looks gorgeous and unexpected on the sporty, track-devouring 911 GT3 (our 2022 Performance Vehicle of the Year, by the way!), but nearly as captivating is that video Porsche made of the paint-to-sample process, which goes outside of the normal production line and then some.

Porsche says that for technical reasons, the regular-production 911 is limited to 17 paint options; the paint-to-sample array widens that to over 100. Only recently has Porsche expanded the program; demand pushed the automaker from putting together five paint-to-sample cars per day to 20, thanks to an “additional color mixing bank” in the Zuffenhausen plant where the 911, 718, and Taycan are built.

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