This Working, But Obliterated Tesla Model 3 Can Be Yours Super Cheap

This destroyed Tesla Model 3 runs, drives, and charges. Stay-at-home project secured. Highest bid is $5,300 so far.

As you can see, this Tesla Model 3 Performance is a disaster. However, the video proves it runs and drives. In fact, it even accelerates quickly. The owner says it also charges with no issues.

For the many of us stuck staying at home during this global pandemic, this might make a pretty fantastic project. You could buy it and document your work. Perhaps we need to alert Rich Benoit (Rich Rebuilds) or The Electrified Garage or Gruber Motors of this diamond in the rough … or should we call it a monstrosity? 

This Tesla Model 3 is actually for sale on eBay right now. At the time of this writing, it has been listed for six days. The current top bid is $5,300, however, it says that the seller set a reserve that’s not yet been met. If no one meets the reserve, the seller will have to make a decision. We’ll keep our eyes on the auction to see if the car sells. Then, we’ll update the information here.

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Would you buy this Model 3 Performance if the price was right? How much would you pay? Let us know in the comment section below.

Video Description via Oleg K. on YouTube:

RUNS AND DRIVES Tesla Model 3 Performance

Look what I have for sale, good basement for project. Runs and drives. Charging with no issues

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