This Tesla Model Y Teardown Gets Deep into Engineering Details

The Tesla Model Y is finally here—well, at least it’s in the garage of the evaluation company Munro & Associates. Sandy Munro, the host of this teardown, guides us through the vehicle evaluation process, which also entails tearing the Model Y apart. While it’s kind of obvious that a proper, technical evaluation will require dismantling, it might not be obvious how far the team at Munro goes when they evaluate vehicles.

The video above compares the Model Y’s suspension to that of its stablemate: the Model 3. Only the fifth video in a continuing series of the evaluation process, it’s clear that the folks at Tesla spent some time looking over Munro’s notes of the Model 3 and learned a thing or two. While the car’s overall quality seems to be higher than that of the Model 3, Sandy shows specifics like revised control arms in the front suspension.

While the series does get fairly technical, the first two episodes take you through the host’s first impressions of the Model Y and its fit and finish. Of course, this is still done for technical evaluation purposes, so the fit and finish metrics are in hard and fast measurements.

Even though the Model Y seems to be better built than the Model 3, Tesla appears to be engaged in continuous improvements. As outlined in the video, Tesla has already implemented a running change: a noise damper surrounding the heat pump. Was this in response to consumer complaints or the comments made in the Munro Live video about the subject? More than likely customer complaints, but no one outside of Tesla will ever know. Regardless, it’s encouraging to see that the company is responding to criticism surrounding the car.

Currently, there are 14 episodes, and they’re all easily digestible. If you plan on dropping your hard-earned dough on a new Model Y or you’re curious about the state of Tesla’s manufacturing, it’s totally worth a watch.

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