This Tesla Model 3 Carjacking Story Is Intense And Educational

Stories like this remind us about the benefits of Tesla’s technology.

Tesla owners that go by the name BattleTram (@BattleTram) on Twitter took the time to share their fascinating story on the social media channel. As they were returning home from the hospital after a one of them had just undergone a minor spinal injury, their Model 3 was carjacked at gunpoint by a 16-year-old. 

Due to the car’s amazing technology, they were able to easily track it and help the police catch the perp. It turns out he crashed the car into a police cruiser but was still able to drive it at speeds over 100 mph after the collision. Not long after that, he hit a tree at a presumably high speed, exited the car, and ran off unharmed. 

BattleTram shared:

“He rammed the cop car, and took off. I had him at speeds up to 102 mph, but my best screenshot was 96. We talked the cops onto him, until they scrambled the chopper to track him! Cars backed off and he kept going until he parked the car in a nearby neighborhood: foot chase!”

“I’m super impressed at the safety of the Tesla Model 3. He didn’t walk away from this wreck, he RAN. He fled on foot until the chopper led another patrol onto him who caught him after a short fist fight.

We’re ok, the cops he rammed and fought with are ok, the perp is ok.”

Stories like this not only remind us of the worth of Tesla’s standard tech features, but also the incredible safety of its vehicles. We’ve embedded the entire story below. It’s definitely worth reading all the way through.

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