This Super Cheap Upgrade Will Boost Your Tesla's Horsepower

You’ll be shocked by this industry secret. As if the Model S needs any more horsepower …

According to Engineering Explained, car owners have asserted for years that stickers actually add horsepower. While this may seem unreasonable and impossible, scientific performance data works to prove that it’s actually true.

Even better, magnets also provide proven results when it comes to adding power to your Tesla. We can only assume this will work with all EVs. If this really turns out to be true, it may be the cheapest and quickest way to improve your vehicles.

Why do stickers and magnets add horsepower? The science behind the claim is very technical. Only someone as knowledgeable and inquisitive as Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained can truly explain it in a way that many will understand. He uses his own Tesla Model S to show us exactly how this works.

During these trying times, we all need a good laugh. In addition, the fact that today is April Fools’ Day ups that ante. Check out the video above. Then, share something in the comment section that may make people laugh or smile.

Video Description via Engineering Explained on YouTube:

Do Stickers Make Your Car Faster? Cheap Power!

How much horsepower do car stickers add? Let’s finally put an end to the myths. While it has been hypothesized for years, no one really knew the true power of car stickers until today. Better yet, we find out the groundbreaking news that magnets can have the same effect on electric cars. Stickers will be applied to a 2016 Subaru Crosstrek, and magnets will be applied to a 2018 Tesla Model 3 Performance. You won’t believe the results, because why would you? This video is ahead of its time.

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