This Nurburgring Compilation Video Is Filled With Out-Of-Control BMWs

As we move closer to winter, activity at the Nurburgring has scaled back considerably. Tourist drives are closed for the year, which makes this the ideal time to look back at some of the close calls witnessed on the Nordschleife loop during 2023. Thanks to the crew at Auto Addiction, we have 24 minutes of code brown moments to enjoy, mixed with some impressive saves and a few slices of pure automotive heroism.

After watching for a bit, one thing becomes quite clear. There are a lot of BMW drivers lapping the 12.9-mile course, and some could use a bit more experience on the track. We count a dozen Bimmers in the first three minutes, starting with an E36 taking a scary bounce through Kliens, AKA the little carousel towards the end of the course. Shortly thereafter, another older 3 Series suffers damage at Brunnchen, a notorious corner at the 10-mile mark. The Martini-striped BMW understeers into the gravel before crossing the track and hitting the far wall. If that’s not enough, the driver then reenters directly in front of traffic. Yikes.

It’s not entirely a wreck fest for BMW pilots, though. We see some neat car control at multiple points in the 24-minute clip, though we suspect the Aston Martin driver was none too pleased with an M3 drifting past at the 2:25 mark. We see the same car going sideways at various points in the video, including a relatively tidy drift at 15:35. As for the blue E36 featured in the photo above, that happens at 6:55, also going through Kleins. Of all the spooky moments in this compilation, this is probably the spookiest.

What about the wins? Everyone loves the underdog, and we can’t help smiling when the Golf GTI passes a Lamborghini Huracan at 11:55. And sometimes it’s not about speed, which is all we can say for the VW van with someone wearing a horse mask at 9:20. That is, we hope it’s a mask.

Grab a refreshing beverage, sit back, and enjoy some action at one of the world’s most challenging racetracks. And if you have a particularly favorite moment in this clip, let us know in the comments below.

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