This Guy Thought He Broke His Brand-New 3-Row 2021 Tesla Model Y

It’s delivery day for this new Tesla owner. He has a bit of a scare, but it turns out to be one of Tesla’s top features.

This YouTuber, who calls himself Middle Class Millionaire, just started his brand-new YouTube channel. We assume he’ll be using it to cover his Tesla Model Y going forward. He does make it clear that this initial Model Y video isn’t a review video. Instead, it takes us along for the Model Y delivery and the ride home, which unfolds into an interesting situation for an unknowing new Tesla owner.

As the video begins, he’s excitedly on his way to take delivery. As you can see, the car gets delivered outside. And, there’s initially no one around to physically deliver the vehicle. Instead, the owner uses his phone and Tesla app to locate the car (the horn honks), unlock the car, and drive away. However, after filling out the paperwork, a Tesla rep comes out and answers questions about the electric crossover.

The particular Model Y is an all-new 2021 model with the optional third-row seats. It’s a Model Y Long Range, which is dual-motor all-wheel drive, but not quite as quick as the Performance model. The “base” Model Y Long Range carries a starting price of $49,990 and has 326 miles of EPA-estimated range.

When Middle Class Millionaire gets in the car, calls his wife, and prepares for takeoff, the phone call cuts off and the car shuts down. The touch screen goes black and the Model Y appears to be bricked. Fortunately, it seems it was just doing an initial software update.

Tesla’s over-the-air software updates are arguably one of its cars’ top features. However, if you’re not aware of them, they might catch you off guard in a situation such as this. At any rate, we look forward to this new YouTuber’s upcoming reviews of the three-row Tesla Model Y. Check out the video and leave us a comment.

Source:Middle Class Millionaire (YouTube)

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