This Family Owns Every Tesla Model To Date: Time To Try The Model Y

Will they buy the Model Y? It would complete their lineup, but do they really need another Tesla?

Dan Markham and the What’s Inside? Family own a Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X. They’re also in the more exclusive group of people who own an original Tesla Roadster. If that’s not enough, Markham has a next-gen Roadster coming in the future. He actually won the car via Tesla’s Referral program. To top it off, he’s reserved a fleet of 51 Tesla Cybertrucks. Clearly, he’s not going to take delivery of 51 trucks, but he’s got one real order he may follow through with.

It makes perfect sense that Markham has received a lot of questions about the Tesla Model Y. Of course, people are curious if he plans to buy one. In addition, they’re interested in his opinion of the all-electric crossover as it compares to the rest of the Tesla lineup.

The time has finally arrived. Markham got his hands on a Model Y to check out and compare to his Tesla collection. He gives us a review of the car, takes it for a drive, and fills us in on his opinion. Will he buy a Y? Check out the video for all the details.

Video Description via WHAT’S INSIDE? FAMILY on YouTube:

Every Tesla Made! Model Y review

It’s finally here! Tesla Model Y! All the Tesla’s together, Model S, 3, X, Y and Roadster look great together!

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