There's Now a Lego Version of Dom's Charger From Fast & Furious

The Fast & Furious series is huge. With eight mainline series releases, plus Hobbs & Show, plus a delayed-but-incoming ninth film, it’s become an expansive cinematic universe. But unlike the Transformers series, which served as a giant marketing scheme for toys, the Fast & Furious toy universe has remained pretty modest. Today, though, Lego released a kit for serious fans: a 1077-piece Technic version of Dom’s Charger.

Lego’s Technic kits are some of the most detailed and realistic sets the company offers. While you can find cheap kits that resemble famous cars on the outside, Dom’s Charger Technic set includes an opening hood with a model V-8 engine, wishbone suspension, and nitrous bottles in the trunk for $99. The steering works and the pistons move, though you’ll have to provide your own soundtrack.

It’s also a lot bigger than your standard-issue toy car. The charger is 15 inches long and 6 inches wide, big enough to house an integrated wheelie stand so you can live out Dom’s famous drag race scenes. Hopefully it’ll satisfy your F&F itch, until Fast 9 finally gets released in 2021.

Via The Brothers Brick.

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