The New Fiat 500 Electric: Three Types, Two Battery Options

There will be three variants – cabrio, hatchback and 3+1, available with a 24 or 42 kWh battery.

Fiat recently introduced its third body version of the new 500 model – the 3+1, with small rear doors – which will join the hatchback and cabrio, unveiled earlier this year. The 3+1 is 30 kg heavier than the standard 500, but there are no significant differences in other areas.

All three types willt be offered in all-electric version and produced at up to 80,000 annually. The manufacturer envisioned several trim levels and two battery versions.

The cute Italian city car – the first BEV designed from the ground-up on an all-new platform from FCA – will enter the European market soon (deliveries in the UK to start in March 2021), although there is no word whether we will see it also in North America as a replacement for the Fiat 500e.

Fiat 500 3+1 electric