The First Pontiac Banshee Prototype Is for Sale at a Kia Dealership for $750,000

In the early Sixties, Pontiac wanted to build a true sports car. The company made a concept with styling by John DeLorean, a straight-six engine, and a fiberglass body. It was called the Pontiac Banshee and it never made it to production. Yet, you can still buy one, as Motor1 found. There’s a 1964 Banshee Coupe concept for sale at a Kia dealership right now.

To be clear, the car in question is a first-generation Banshee. Despite never making production, the nameplate had four generations, with concepts shown in 1964, 1968, 1974, and 1988. Two prototypes of the “first-gen” Banshee were built: a silver coupe with a straight-six and a white convertible with a V-8. That makes this the first Banshee, the only first-generation coupe, and the start of a long internal struggle at GM.

The Banshee, to GM executives, was going to be too fast. With its lightweight construction and potent engine options, it’d hold its own against the Corvette. And inside GM, where brand hierarchy is king, nothing matches the Corvette. Like many projects since, the Banshee suffered so the Corvette could prosper.

It’s a a car that symbolized the internal power struggles and decision making at GM, a historic one-off. It’s also priced as such, with Napoli Kia asking $750,000. It only shows 1498 miles, reportedly only driving to shows. If you can handle the price and the headache of explaining this to your local DMV, it’s up for grabs.

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