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On this week’s Auto Express Podcast, Vicki Butler-Henderson and the team cover the Porsche 911, Formula 1 and more

Welcome to the Auto Express Podcast: our new, weekly show hosted by top TV motoring journalist, presenter and racing driver, Vicki Butler-Henderson.

Every Wednesday, join Vicki and members of the Auto Express team as we delve into the biggest news stories, the most exciting reviews and everything else from the world of cars.

Whether you’re after industry insight, consumer advice or just good, old-fashioned opinion, we’ve got you covered. We’ll even treat you to behind-the-scenes stories that you won’t hear anywhere else.

In this week’s show, Steve Fowler, John McIlroy and Joe Holding are in the studio to talk about infighting over the future of the Porsche 911, the electric Volkswagen ID.4 and the forthcoming Formula 1 season which kicks off in Melbourne this weekend.

Also, Steve has been out to the USA to drive the BMW X6 M, and Hugo Griffiths pops in to explain more about the Government’s proposal to make E10 petrol the standard at UK forecourts.

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