Tesla's Suspension Issues Get Terrifying At 200 Km/h On Autobahn

Check out what this Swiss owner faced, thankfully with no damages other than to the car.

We have already reported some concerning issues with Tesla suspensions, but this one beats its predecessors by far. A Swiss owner of a Tesla Model S 90D was going from Stuttgart to Zurich at 200 km/h on the autobahn when he heard a very loud pop after braking. In his rear mirrors, he saw heavy smoke before the steering locked. Fortunately, he was not hurt, but we guess he felt no relief after discovering his car’s suspension broke.

The Tesla owner, identified solely as SwissTeslaDriver in his TFF-Forum.de thread, shared a picture of his discovery. He felt the smoke could be related to a fire, but it was the wheel rubbing against the plastic cover on the wheel arches. To make matters worse, the brake hose also got loose, spilling brake fluid. Fortunately, it did not catch fire.