TeslaCam Video Shows Limitations Of Humanpilot: SUV Drives Into Ditch

Tesla Autopilot isn’t perfect, but human error is the leading cause of car accidents.

To be clear here, this video makes no claim of a Tesla Autopilot save. That’s not the point. Instead, it’s just footage from a Tesla vehicle’s built-in dashcam (TeslaCam) showing an SUV driver that appears to be distracted, asleep, having a health issue, or just simply not paying attention.

As you can see from the video, the SUV driver crosses the middle line, drives toward oncoming traffic, and proceeds directly into a ditch. The SUV then rolls a few times.

Situations like this are the reason cars now come with a variety of advanced driver assistance systems. Human error, primarily distracted driving and drunk driving, leads to a multitude of accidents every day. While systems like Tesla Autopilot are far from perfect, they have the potential to save people from human-error-related car crashes.

People are still skeptical about such safety systems and semi-autonomous driving technology. This is to be expected. At times, features like Autopilot can be part of the cause of an accident. A few such crashes have resulted in fatalities. However, what we don’t often see is how many people are saved on a daily basis due to active driver assistance systems.

If you use Twitter, you may have seen the #humanpilot hashtag. It’s basically people showing that human drivers make plenty of errors, but it’s clearly an attempt to promote Tesla Autopilot and similar semi-autonomous driving systems. See below:

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