TeslaCam Provides Crash Course On How Not To Pass To Exit Highway

This clip shows us how you shouldn’t drive.

TeslaCam videos often capture crashes and wrecks. There’s no collision here, but what we do see if a bad driver making a dangerous move on the highway. This might seem to be a safe move for the driver in the car ahead of the Tesla, but from the viewpoint of the driver behind, it’s clear this is reckless driving.

Interestingly, the Tesla was on Autopilot at the time (Navigate on Autopilot, to be precise). However, the driver of the Tesla doesn’t mention if Autopilot slowed the car down to avoid the reckless Honda Accord driver of if he took control of the car to reduce its speed.

The video description does a good job at explaining what you’ll see in the video, but we’ll add that the driver of the Honda Accord seems oblivious to the fact that he/she is making a dangerous maneuver. The use of the turn signal seems to indicate this is just normal driving for this individual, but as we can see from the view of the Tesla, it’s just way to close for comfort. 

Video description via Life Of WheEVee on YouTube:

I was driving from AZ to CA using Navigate on Autopilot at about 75mph. The Honda Accord decided that instead of slowing and changing lanes into the travel lane to get behind me to exit, that he’d keep his speed up, then dart in front and across the gore line to make his exit, flinging debris up onto my hood.

I guess I should be grateful that he used his turn signal?

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