Tesla To Revolutionize Use Of Silicon In Batteries: Slash Costs, Increases Range

Battery Day is sure to be full of major announcements and revelations.

Tesla Battery Day is now upon us and the automaker has just revealed that its revolutionary new use of silicon is one of the major steps towards making batteries extremely cheap. By using raw metallurgical silicon that is not treated or formed, costs can be reduced substantially.

Aside from reducing costs, Tesla’s new method for using silicon in lithium-ion batteries will also lead to increased range.

Here are some of the numbers put forth by Tesla. Tesla claims that its use of raw silicon will increase range by up to 20% alone. Additionally, the cost-cutting just from this innovation alone is some 5%, which itself is significant. That, combined with previous innovations such as the tabless 4680 cell, brings the cost reduction to 37%, though Tesla still has some more improvements to announce during this Battery Day event.