Tesla Supercharging Restriction Makes Rich Rebuilds Reconsider Tesla

He’ll probably get something else to rebuild very soon. Bye, Tesla!

Since Tesla blocked supercharging and fast charging in its cars with a salvage title, there has been a lot of discussion about the new policy. Then Rich Benoit, from the Rich Rebuilds YouTube channel, mentioned it was the best thing that ever happened to him. This video above shows why.

We previously asked if t or if that was sarcasm or if he really meant that. The bottom line is that both things were correct. The sarcastic part can be seen in all the situations the lack of supercharging or fast charging led him to stage. The sad thing is that all of them could have been for real.

The serious part comes close to the end of the video, and it is fair reasoning from Benoit. He comes to the conclusion that supercharging is fundamental to the value Tesla cars offer. If they do not have that anymore, you either have a way to keep your vehicle charging for hours at home, or there is no sense in having that EV anymore.

That said, we bet Delores and the Model X that almost broke Benoit will soon be gone or be turned into pieces of a Rich Rebuilds museum as essential parts of the channel building – no pun intended. Tesla decided they cannot be practical vehicles anymore.