Tesla Sentry Mode Records A Model 3 Egging In Canada

A kid’s prank, vandalism or both? More than that, why a Tesla?

When kids decide to egg something, why do they do it? Is it for a twisted sense of adventure? An attack on something they believe they hate? This is probably the first time we see an egging Tesla Sentry Mode video. It was recorded last February 29 in Hamilton, Ontario, while the car owner had dinner with his relatives. Siam Ahmed asked our help to try to find who did this, and we are requesting yours.

Gallery: Egging To Tesla Model 3 Is Recorded By Sentry Mode In Canada

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Ahmed sent us more the videos that caught the attack separately. The most important one is above, showing the moment in which the apparent teenagers throw eggs to the left side of his Model 3.

The camera from the right side recorded them passing by the car six minutes before the egging, as you can see below.