Tesla Sentry Mode Catches Vandal Throwing Cement Block At Model 3

We just can’t wrap our heads around what possesses people to do such things.

A Tesla Model 3 owner sent Tesla in Canada this brief video. As soon as we see the vandal pick up the large cement block, it’s already pretty clear what’s going to happen. As you can see, the concrete square is a chunk off of a parking curb.

The video doesn’t show exactly what happens, though you’ll see the damage at the end. Essentially, all you see is the man picking up the block and moving toward the Tesla (off camera). Then, almost immediately, the car is jarred and the security lights begin flashing.

The incident happened in Vancouver, British Columbia on February 23, 2020 at 454 West Pender Street at Impark parking lot 93. It resulted in a broken windshield. We don’t know if there is any other damage, but the story calls it “extensive.” According to Tesla in Canada:

The owner tells Tesla in Canada he was on his way back to his car after a night out, having already started preconditioning the cabin. He was only one block away when he heard the alarm go off, and started running back to his car.

Sadly, the Tesla’s cameras don’t pick up the vandal’s face, though Tesla in Canada has zoomed in and provided some photos in its story (linked in the video description below). If you have any information or can identify the suspect, please reach out to the Vancouver Police Department and reference file #VA2-034785.

Video Description via Tesla in Canada on YouTube:

Tesla vandalism caught on Sentry Mode

Incident of vandalism to a Tesla Model 3 in Vancouver, British Columbia, all caught on Sentry Mode.

More details: https://www.teslaincanada.ca/sentry-v…

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