Tesla Roadster Hit Pole At High Speed: Passengers Survived

Lotus deserves plenty of credit for the frame strength and build quality of its cars.

YouTuber Carl Medlock recently bought a first-gen Tesla Roadster that’s completely totaled. He says it hit a telephone pole at 75 mph. Medlock assumes the Roadster also flipped and possibly “cartwheeled down the freeway,” since he found pieces of asphalt in the car’s frame.

Clearly, Medlock is a fan of the car and knows all about its inner workings. He says he’s impressed with the Roadster’s strength. More specifically, Lotus deserves credit for the car’s frame strength and build quality. In Medlock’s opinion, if this car was something like a Toyota Corolla, it would be in smithereens.

Tesla has always touted the safety of its vehicles. While the original Roadster is actually a Lotus, it still stands up to Tesla’s claims. 

Medlock takes us on a brief but very detailed tour of the Roadster. As you can see, the transmission, the battery pack, the AC components, and other parts are surprisingly intact. More importantly, he was told that the driver and passenger survived.

Video Description via Carl Medlock on YouTube:

Tesla Roadster hits telephone pole at 75mph

Crash a Tesla Roadster and live

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