Tesla Pickup Truck Design Inspires This Edgy Cyber Hatchback

It perhaps even looks funkier as a hatchback, but there’s a lot to love about the Cyber design from Tesla.

What if we took the Tesla Cybertruck and applied its unique design elements to a hatchback form? The result would likely look like this Tesla Cyberhatch.

These unique rendered images come to us via an InsideEVs reader who states that he made these renders using the Tesla Cybertruck design methodology. That would imply all angular lines and no curves, which in hatchback form seen here looks even wilder than Tesla’s electric pickup truck.

Gallery: Tesla Cyber Hatchback

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Cyber all the things though, right?

We can honestly see a future in which Tesla’s design direction entirely turns towards the Cybertruck for inspiration. If the Cybertruck is successful and helps to drive down costs and increase profit for Tesla, then why not apply this approach across its entire lineup?

We’ve seen various renders of vehicles like a Tesla Cyber sedan, a Cyber Roadster and now even this hatchback and the more and more we gaze upon them, the more and more we become accepting of this very unique design. Check out a few of those renders below.

Here’s a render of the Tesla Cyber Roadster, complete with broken glass.