Tesla Model Y Vs. VW ID.4 In-Depth Comparo Has A Clear Winner

The ID.4 is not yet available in the US with AWD, so this test pits the RWD ID.4 Pro S against the AWD Model Y Long Range.

For many years, Tesla has had the EV market all for itself more or less, but those days are gone now.

All Tesla models currently have rivals coming from legacy automakers, and one of the most promising appears to be the VW ID.4. In AWD guise, its direct competitor from the Tesla range is the Model Y, so a comparison between these two models makes a lot of sense for many buyers.

That’s exactly what the folks from Now You Know YouTube channel did, pitting the range-topping VW ID.4 Pro S against the Tesla Model Y Long Range. Unfortunately, they couldn’t get hold of an AWD ID.4 as US deliveries of the dual-motor variant start in Q4 2021.

That said, the Model Y is superior when it comes to most specs, offering a range of 326 miles versus the ID.4’s 250 miles, better efficiency, quicker 0-60 acceleration, two more seats, more cargo space (in five-seat configuration), and the list continues.

While their real-world testing confirmed there’s a big gap between the Model Y and the ID.4, one should not forget the former test car is AWD and the latter is RWD. On a side note, we would have preferred a back-to-back comparison, but it appears that the reviewers didn’t have both cars simultaneously for review.

Now, there’s no contest when it comes to charging either as the Model Y supports 250 kW fast charging while the ID.4 can only take 125 kW. The Tesla also has more tech and gimmicks, superior user experience, and is roomier. 

The review continues in about the same manner until the topic of pricing comes along. The ID.4 is significantly more affordable and it also qualifies for the $7,500 federal tax credit, as opposed to the Tesla. The price difference is about $17,000, tax credit included for the VW.

In conclusion, if the price is your top priority, the ID.4 is a good choice, but if you want more than just a decent EV, the Model Y is definitely the one to get.

Source:Now You Know/YouTube

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