Tesla Model Y Review: What Does A Reviewer Of 'Regular' Cars Think?

This car reviewer calls the Tesla Model Y a “CUV without downsides.”

This automotive reviewer admits he didn’t really understand the Tesla Model Y when it was first announced. This is because it was much more of an inflated Model 3 than a true SUV. He explains his initial thoughts as follows. If people want a Tesla sedan, they should buy a Model 3 (or Model S, though he doesn’t mention it). If they’re looking for a Tesla SUV, the Model X is available. So why the Y?

Perhaps the reason he doesn’t mention the expensive Model S is because the Model 3 and Model Y are similarly priced. However, the Model X is even more expensive, so it makes sense for Tesla to offer a crossover that’s more in line with Model 3 pricing. We know the Model 3 is hugely popular, so the Model Y should arguably attract a lot of attention.

At any rate, regardless of what this reviewer initially believed, he’s completely changed his opinion. What made him switch gears so drastically? Spending some quality time with the Tesla Model Y, of course. In fact, we’ve learned over time that most people who spend time with a Tesla and drive it, are blown away by what they experience and discover.

Check out the video above to learn why this reviewer of ‘traditional’ cars calls the Model Y “a CUV without downsides.” Then, let us know if you agree or disagree.

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Here’s Why the Tesla Model Y Is a CUV Without Downsides – Model Y Review

I’ll be honest, when Tesla announced the Model Y, I didn’t understand it. I thought the early photos made it look goofy. I thought, if you want a sedan get the 3, if you want an SUV get the X. But after actually driving this car, I totally get it. This will be a huge success in America, and today you’ll find out why.

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