Tesla Model Y Review: Here Is Edmunds' Initial Take

Edmunds will have a whole lot more to share about the Model Y going forward.

Edmunds just received its long-term Tesla Model Y. In fact, according to its long-term test page for the car, it has only been driven just 135 miles so far. The publication will be updating that page on a regular basis as it puts the all-new Tesla crossover through the paces.

In addition, Edmunds has published its 2020 Model Y written review. You should check out both of those pages when you have time, but for now, there are plenty of details in the video above.

Edmunds reviewer Carlos Lago takes us inside the Model Y and then for a brief ride. He talks about all the basics, such as price, release date, etc. The publication purchased the dual-motor all-wheel-drive Performance version with the Performance Upgrade package, as well as Full Self-Driving capability.

Check out the video for all the details. Also, keep in mind Edmunds will have much more content on the Model Y in the future since multiple drivers will be spending time with it as part of the long-term review process. As more information becomes available, we’ll keep you posted.

Video Description via Edmunds on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y Review: Price, Interior, Release Date & More

Our 2020 Tesla Model Y has arrived! In this video, Edmunds’ Carlos Lago takes delivery of our new long-term test car and gives a brief review. Read the full report here: https://www.edmunds.com/tesla/model-y…. And read about our long-term test here: https://www.edmunds.com/tesla/model-y…

The 2020 Tesla Model Y is a new electric small luxury SUV. It joins the Model X within Tesla’s lineup of electric SUVs. It’s smaller than the X and lacks some of the X’s flashiness (or gimmickry, some might say). The Y, for instance, has regular doors instead of the X’s upward rear swinging doors. In fact, the Y has a lot in common with the Tesla Model 3 sedan and has a similar interior design and electric powertrain. It’s one of the first small electric luxury SUVs to hit the market, though automakers such as BMW, Ford and Volvo are also set to launch rival electric SUVs of their own.

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