Tesla Model Y Review After Exhaustive Testing & 3 Weeks Of Ownership

This owner finally finds time to share his personal Model Y experiences with us.

Not long after the Tesla Model Y came to market, Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla) took delivery of his Performance model in North Carolina. He was accompanied by our good friend and colleague Kyle Conner who runs the Out of Spec Motoring YouTube channel, as well as our new InsideEVs US channel. 

Following the delivery, these guys worked for several days to crank out a multitude of exclusive and unique Tesla Model Y content for all three channels. Conner was even able to provide an exceptional review of the Tesla, which you can check out here.

Since then, they’ve slowed down a bit and Jenkins has had some time to spend living with his car and driving it in real-world situations. So far, he’s put about 1,200 miles on the Model Y over the course of about three weeks.

Jenkins just published his personal review of the car. As you can see, he’s already had some aftermarket work done to the car. At any rate, check out what Jenkins has to say. Then, leave us your thoughts and opinions in the comment section below.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

Model Y Review After 1200 Miles and 3 Weeks


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