Tesla Model Y Owner's Manual Reveals Dimensions And Weights

Model Y offers a lot more cargo volume and better access to the trunk. No towing though.

Tesla Model Y owner’s manual presents the detailed exterior and interior dimensions, as well as cargo volume and weights of the car, which is noticeably bigger than the Model 3.

The new Tesla offers more space as well as better access to the trunk, as it’s a hatchback. Let’s take a look at the numbers and compare it to the Model 3.


Model Y / Model 3:

As we can see, the Y is bigger in basically every metric.

Cargo volume and weights

The bigger dimensions shown above translate to a significantly higher cargo volume of a total of 68 cu ft (1,925 liters), compared to 15 cu ft (425 liters) in the case of the Model 3.

The Model Y is a heavier car, with a curb weight of 2,003 kg (Long Range All-Wheel Drive versions), compared to 1,847-1,860 kg for corresponding Model 3 versions. That is 149-156 kg more.

Considering the difference between the curb weight and gross weight, the Model Y can take 402 kg of passengers/cargo. It was up to 418 kg in case of the corresponding LR AWD Model 3.

Tesla clearly shows that there is no towing option.

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