Tesla Model X Accident: How Good Is Tesla Collision Service?

This family has had good and bad luck with Tesla service, so they’re skeptical about the repair process.

While Dan Markham and the What’s Inside Family? are huge Tesla fans, they’re not unwilling to admit when they have issues with the company. Markham reminds us that he’s had positive and negative experiences with Tesla service. However, he’s never had to deal with a Tesla collision. Someone recently hit his Model X and it needs the doors repaired, so he takes us through the process.

It’s important to note that when you need your Tesla repaired following a collision, you typically don’t visit a Tesla Service center, though there are exceptions. Most often, you have to get the vehicle repaired at a Tesla-approved body shop. Just like all other businesses, there are good ones and bad ones. Added to the equation, depending on where you live, what parts you need, and various other factors, the timeline can range from relatively quick to ridiculously long.

With that said, Markham was lucky to have an actual Tesla repair facility near his home. The shop is in Las Vegas and is one of few locations of its kind. It repairs Tesla vehicles, but has to take them elsewhere to be painted. Markham takes us through the process to give us an idea of the repair costs and timeline.

Tesla estimated the process would take 10 days. It actually took 16 days, but that’s counting weekends, plus the coronavirus situation escalated right in the middle of the process. The insurance company originally estimated the damage at $4,200, but internal damage pushed the total cost up to $5,000. Fortunately, Markham didn’t have to pay anything out of pocket.

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I wrecked my Tesla, how good is Tesla Auto Body Service?

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