Tesla Model 3 Owner Alleges OTA Update Negatively Affected Performance

He says that after version 10.0 of the software was installed, his Model 3 was slower and its acceleration less aggressive

This Tesla owner from Norway, who goes by the name FrostyFingers on YouTube, says he feels a difference in the acceleration of his Model 3 Performance which he suspects is linked to the version 10 of the car’s software. The difference he points to is not massive, but he seems certain it exists.

His video description says

Why has the Performance been slower after V10, it was somewhat faster and more aggressive after second 5% power update.

In the pinned comment under his video, he adds

So the average run 0-100kmh is now 3.64. Of 60-65 runs only one run below 3.56. Non under 3.5. Before runs were averaging 3.48! The power curve and the aggressive launch is gone. After the second 5% update it jumped off the line like a p100d! After v10 it is as before the second 5% power update. Why? You have a good reason why they should change the curve, acceleration and the way the power is delivered?

Some of the people commenting on his video suggest it may be his chosen wheel and tire combination that may have affected the result, although the uploader is keen to point out he used the same setup before the update. Another comment asks about the battery being up to temperature, but the uploader says

That is the main constant besides wheels and soc.

Two commenters also say they noticed the same change with their Model 3s and they’re wondering whether it’s a software glitch or if this lowering of performance is intended. Have you noticed the same with your Model 3, after software version 10.0 was rolled out in late September 2019?

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