Tesla Model 3 is revealed as the UK’s most popular electric car

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Tesla Model 3 machine was also found to be the world’s most popular electric vehicle after topping the poll in several countries. The fully-electric flagship model was most popular across the majority of Europe as well as countries such as the United States, South Africa and Australia.

Analysis from Nationwide Vehicle Contracts found that Tesla’s Model 3 machine received over 1.8millon monthly searches.

This was almost four times higher than the popular Nissan Leaf who finished second in the table.

Interest in the French car firm’s electric challenger has remained strong after topping the European sales figures in 2018.

Tesla was found to be the third and fourth most popular electric cars on the market with the Model S pipping the Model X.

Tesla’s Model 3 has generated a series of sales success in the UK since its launch as customers flocked to buy the new fully-electric supercar.

The Model 3 was found to be the SMMT’s third best selling car in August 2019 before breaking into the top 10 again in June 2020.

David Johnson, Director of Nationwide Vehicle Contracts said it was no surprise” to see Tesla take the top award.

He said “more and more people” were making the switch to fully-electric models post-pandemic due to cheaper vehicle running costs.

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Mr Johnson said: “With its impressive performance and safety features, it’s no surprise that the Tesla Model 3 has topped the list of the most popular electric cars.

“EV sales in July this year were up 77 percent from the previous year, despite implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, with more and more people choosing EVs for their low fuel costs, zero emissions, easy home charging and lower maintenance costs.

“Other Tesla models are also on the list of most popular EVs, with the Model X and Model S cars taking the third and fourth spot worldwide.”

The firm’s analysis also looked at the areas look set to make the easiest move to electric vehicles.

Miami topped the list with electric vehicles the most popular among residents here than anywhere else in the world.

London was found to be the second most prepared region for an electric switchover followed by Berlin, Istanbul and Sao Paulo.

The UK government has invested heavily in the electric car switchover, helping in the installation of public charging stations and the adoption of incentive schemes

Benefit in kind costs were scrapped from 16 percent to zero earlier this year to boost demand while the government also extended the Plug-In Grant for electric models.

However, despite the investment, many UK drivers are still uneasy about making the switch to an eco-friendly model.

A recent study by the SMMT found that 52 percent of motorists were being held back purchasing a car due to expensive upfront costs.

A massive 44 percent said they were worried about a lack of local charging points for their cars.

A total of 38 percent were also concerned about ‘range anxiety’ if their car broke down on longer journeys.

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