Tesla Model 3 20,000-Mile Owner's Review

Sixteen months and 20,806 miles later

I picked up my Tesla Model 3 in May of 2019 and have since driven it nearly 21,000 miles. Overall, I’ve been extremely pleased with the vehicle and figured it was about time I put together a video that explains some of the things that I like and dislike the most about the car. 

I also needed to put the video together now because I decided to sell it, and when I listed it for sale, I immediately had a couple of people that were prepared to buy it. You might ask if I was so pleased with it, why did I sell it? That’s a good question and I have a very simple answer: I wanted to buy a new one with the recently announced updates. 

I’ve done pretty much everything I could with this car, like our Model 3 70-mph highway range test, and a V3 Supercharger test, plus, our managing editor John Neff also has a Model 3, so if we need to do any reports or tests on an older version of the Model 3 we have his car.