Tesla Is Officially Selling A Used Model 3 With Serious Paint Issues

At least Canadian buyers will have no surprises regarding what they will get for C$52,000.

Despite our many attempts to get Tesla’s official word on paint issues presented by a large number of Model 3 units in many countries, we never heard back from the automaker. Tesla Service Centers are the ones responsible for telling customers the paint is “within specs.” If you wonder how Tesla would talk about any car with these issues, that would probably be a “clean record” – at least if you take this 2018 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive as an example. It is for sale on the Canadian Inventory page of Tesla for C$52,000.

Gallery: Would You Buy This 2018 Model 3 With Paint Issues From Tesla?

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In the gallery above or at the Tesla Inventory page itself, you’ll be able to see the paint damages this 73,391-km vehicle presents. As usual, Tesla shows two rendered images of the Model 3, something Rich Benoit already criticized because it did not present the real state of the vehicle. The difference is that now Tesla also shows authentic images of the goods for sale.

Unfortunately, this one is not good at all. You can see not only the paint chipping, and white rocker panels that should be black. The car also presents rust behind the front wheel wells. Interior images show the back of the front seats also present scratches.