Tesla Is Calling Model Y Owners For Roof Inspection After One Flew Off

Recall, anyone?

When something as weird as a roof lifting off of a car happens, the manufacturer should take measures – promote a recall, for example. As you know, that happened to the Tesla Model Y Nathaniel Chien’s family had just received on October 5. Some days later, Brian Sparks warned us Tesla was apparently taking action: it asked Joe Fraga to inspect his two-week Model Y and said its roof would have to be replaced.

Fraga shared that at the Tesla Model Y Facebook group on October 14. We contacted him to learn more about the situation, and Fraga told us that Tesla spontaneously contacted him. In other words, he never complained about any issues with its roof to the company.

“I received an email from Tesla asking me to bring my vehicle in so they could ensure the safety of the roof.”

Surprised about that, Fraga took his car to the Tesla Service Center and received bad news.

“They discovered it was defective, didn’t say what was wrong but said it would take a few days to get what they needed to fix it. That was Wednesday. I have not heard anything yet.”

Fraga is pretty much in the dark about what the issue was. Sharing his story on Facebook made him meet the Tesla supporters that cannot conceive the company could not do anything wrong.