Tesla Fremont Factory May Get 'World's Most Advanced Paint Shop' Before Berlin

Or is Tesla just making sure the paint shop works as it should?

The COVID-19 pandemic may have slowed many businesses, but InsideEVs has not changed its fast pace. So fast that we sometimes miss what other writers report. When we spoke about Elon Musk’s tweet on the “world’s most advanced paint shop,” I had not read another article we published a week before. It mentioned permits to change Fremont’s paint shop and body-in-white lines. Now, Tesla filed for more permits related to that. Will Fremont get the “world’s most advanced paint shop” before Giga Berlin?

That would make a lot of sense. If Tesla already has the blueprints for such a paint shop, why not apply it to Fremont? Is there any reason to save it for a plant that does not even exist so far?

Fremont produces cars for the US market, Tesla’s first and still largest one until China takes the lead. And the plant is reportedly halted due to the COVID-19 since the end of March 23. Demand is also on hold. What most convenient time Tesla will have to do these upgrades?

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The most recent permits relate to additional ventilation efforts and fire fighting measures, but they cover much more. Tesla asks the city of Fremont for grants regularly, but they seem to have become more frequent after what the company named as 4.5 Expansion. It started with the plan GA4.5, submitted to the city of Fremont on February 27, 2020.