Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Other Electric Pickup Trucks Compared

Several startup automakers plan to bring electric pickup trucks to market soon. How do they stack up to Tesla and Rivian?

There are more potential future electric pickup trucks in the works than many people may realize. While only a few are confirmed for production and delivery, several could be coming in the near future. The above video uses automaker websites and up-to-date research to compare what we know so far about these vehicles. 

The Tesla Cybertruck recently took the world by storm due to its unique design and construction, surprisingly affordable price, and exceptional range and performance specs. The Rivian R1T, while exceedingly different than the Tesla electric truck, has also attracted plenty of attention and could prove to be widely popular.

Startup electric truck makers, including Bollinger, Atlis, and Lordstown Motors are not as far along in the process and haven’t enjoyed nearly as much attention as Tesla and Rivian. However, these companies have some compelling ideas.

In addition, hydrogen and electric semi-truck maker Nikola Motor just announced its upcoming addition to the electric pickup truck space. Henrik Fisker also recently tweeted an image of the Fisker Alaska electric pickup, though that tweet has been since removed.

While upcoming electric trucks like the GMC Hummer EV and Ford F-150 Electric aren’t covered in the video, it’s important to remind people that these future rivals will exist as well.

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Tesla Cybertruck VS Rivian & Future Electric Trucks: How Does Tesla Stack up to Upcoming EV Trucks?

Tesla Cybertruck VS Other Electric Trucks: How Does Tesla Stack up to Upcoming EV Trucks?

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