Tesla Cybertruck Reservations: Can One Person Order 50 Or More?

Is there a limit to the number of refundable $100 Tesla Cybertruck reservations one person can place?

Dan Markham from the YouTube channel What’s Inside? Family decided to try out a little experiment. He already has a “real” reservation for a Tesla Cybertruck, but since it only costs $100 to place an “order,” he wondered just how many Tesla would allow him to reserve.

Dan figured that either the Tesla website would have an order limit, customer service would get involved at some point, or his credit card company would simply put a stop to such behavior. As it turns out, the latter was the first thing to get in Dan’s way. His credit card would no longer approve more reservations after ordering 10 Cybertrucks.

No worries, Dan is prepared. He has several credit cards to use for this experiment. He gets out his American Express card and continues ordering away. Just minutes later, Dan has reserved a fleet of 20 Cybertrucks. As he makes his way past 30 orders, his American Express is declined.

Dan moves on to a third credit card and keeps ordering away. After his 33rd order, he’s out of cards, but his family has more. The experiment goes on and on until he hits a wall. So, what next?

Call the credit card companies, of course. He learns that the cards were not actually declined, but Tesla’s website stops each card after 10 orders. In the end, Dan ends up with a fleet of 51 Tesla Cybertrucks reserved. Check out the video and then leave us a comment.

Video Description via What’s Inside? Family on YouTube:

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