Tesla Cybertruck Average Transaction Price Will Be Over $60,000

Most truck buyers aren’t going to settle for the cheap option.

We’ll take a tri-motor Tesla Cybertruck with Full Self-Driving. That is, if we could afford a ~$70,000 pickup truck. If you haven’t followed the details surrounding Tesla’s upcoming all-electric truck, you might actually be surprised to learn that the ranging-topping high-performance all-wheel-drive behemoth with 500 miles of range starts at only $69,990. 

Like other Tesla vehicles, the Cybertruck will come to market in its more expensive configuration first, but eventually, you’ll be able to take ownership of the base model for around $40,000. However, according to crowdsourced data from CybertruckTalk.com forum, most people aren’t going to be waiting for the cheaper versions.

CybertruckTalk.com forum revealed that the average transaction price for the Cybertruck could be about $62,554. It relied on data from over 1,800 members to estimate the price. While this type of estimate can’t be relied on for accuracy, it makes sense that people would prefer the dual- or tri-motor trucks with their performance advantages and longer range. 

We’ve included the data below:

All Orders – Average Transaction Price: $62,554
Single Motor ATP: $44,012 | Base Price: $39,900
Dual Motor ATP: $54,446 | Base Price: $49,900
Tri Motor ATP: $75,448 | Base Price: 69,900

In addition, the forum gleaned that a majority of Cybertruck pre-orders include the $7,000 Full Self-driving option. See below:

Single Motor with FSD: 58.74%
Dual Motor with FSD: 64.94%
Tri Motor with FSD: 79.25%

Did you secure a spot in line for the Tesla Cybertruck? If so, let us know which option you’re planning to buy.

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